Keven's Music Review: SKRILLEX – Bangarang EP

There's a reason why Skrillex was nominated for a Grammy as best new artist. His dub-step music is paving the way for a new generation of electronic artists and revitalizing the genre. Not only is Skrillex the best new electronic artist, in my humble opinion he's also the very best on the planet.


You may or may not know that Skrillex aka Sonny Moore, used to be the lead singer for hardcore band From First to Last not even 10 years ago. He has since found his true calling as an electronic artist and every EP that Skrillex unleashes becomes more refined than the previous. The 'Bangarang' EP is an absolute monster and by far Skrillex's best release yet. It's loaded with enough dubstep to kill a herd of cattle.

Each track on 'Bangarang' is an original mix, with none of the previous staples of 'remixed' offerings taking up precious EP runtime. I was fairly new to dub-step until I had heard Korn was collaborating with Skrillex and a few other artists for their last studio effort. I've been a fan of Daft Punk throughout the years and I'm happy to say that Skrillex has quickly risen to and in my opinion above his predecessors.

'The Devil's Den' is one of the best electronic tracks ever produced. Make sure your bass is turned up and if you don't get literally moved by this s*** then there's something wrong with you. Tracks like 'Breakin' a Sweat', 'Kyoto' and 'Bangarang' are so monstrous and original it's frightening. If I had one extremely bleak criticism it would be that 'Summit' slows everything down too much as the last track. It's not a weak song by any means, but it felt out of place on such a blistering EP which just finished kicking my ass.


If you're not a fan of dub-step, don't be afraid. If you've ever found anything from Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, or Daft Punk interesting than I urge you to pick up 'Bangarang'. After you do I'd be shocked if you didn't dig into past EPs and immerse yourself in the world of Skrillex. This is groundbreaking music and it's time to acknowledge that the landscape of electronic music is rapidly changing so embrace your digital overlords before the bass kills you.

1. Right In
2. Bangarang feat. Sirah
3. Breakin' a Sweat
4. The Devil's Den
5. Right on Time
6. Kyoto feat. Sirah
7. Summit feat. Ellie Goulding

5 Stars