Kristen Stewart Talks About Her On Screen Daughter In BREAKING DAWN

Kristen Stewart, who portrays Bella in the Twilight saga films, talks about the young girl who will play Stewart's on-screen child, Renesmee. Yeah, try say that five times fast.


Mackenzie Foy, a soon to be widely known 9-year-old, has been cast as Renesmee in the new Twilight film Breaking Dawn. Renesmee is the half human/half vampire daughter of Edward and Bella.

The character of Renesmee ages rapidly in the book that by age 7 she appears to be 17 years old. She ends up being the soul mate of Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black after he "imprints" on her when she's just a newborn.

Kristen admits that she has not yet met young Mackenzie but is hearing good things. Author Stephanie Meyer has stated her approval via her Facebook, "She's an amazing young actress and I'm excited to work with her. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer!"



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Color me confused, but I thought Bella becomes a vampire at the age of 19 in Breaking Wind...err...Breaking Dawn. Now she is going to have a daughter of 9 (regardless of how fast she ages) in the same movie? It took forever for them to have sex in the movies and now they are going to rush her into having a 9 year old at 19 years of age (if her daughter ages twice as fast that would still put her at 4.5 real years). Typical, crappy writing and story-telling.


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I read somewhere that their daughter won't come in until the end of Part 1 or sometime during Part 2 of Breaking Dawn.

Robert K

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All I know about this is the Peter Rallis speech about it, hahahaha Big Grin

Bryan Kritz  |  Managing Editor

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From what I know of the last book, Reneesme grows at a very rapid rate. She will be a baby in the beginning but will age quickly. There will be other actresses for the younger roles I believe but Foy will be the main one, at least for part 1 of the movie. I've heard they will do some CGI of Foy on younger actresses or just making her appear younger like Benjamin Buttons