Erik's DC Comics Review: DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #6

After closing the pages on the first story arc featuring Deadman, DC Universe Presents turns to another forgotten property: The Challengers of the Unknown. If you ask me, they should stop challenging the unknown and just become the unknown.

DCU Presents 6.jpg

DC Universe Presents #6

Story and Art by Dan Didio and Jerry Ordway
Inked by Ray McCarthy and Andy Lanning
Edited by Wil Moss
Cover by Ryan Sook
20 pages
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On the heels of a passable, if not good, story like the Deadman story presented in the first story arc, we have the beginnings of DC's newest story arc, the Challengers of the Unknown. We start with what's apparently a cast and crew on their way to film a reality show in the Himalayas when disaster strikes, all due to a fame-hungry cast member, looking for something he can record and link his Flutter followers to. After which, the Challengers are put through a few situations through which they have little to no control, including a dream-like sequence that sees one of the pilots murdering all of them, followed by a rescue by the monks of the mythical city of Nanda Parbat. After being drugged by their rescuers, the Challengers find themselves at the site of their plane crash, looking for a chance to be rescued again. A run to find a downed helicopter and a fight against a giant snow creature later, and our heroes are limping from the crash site in a damaged helicopter, and are apparently being watched by their missing pilot, featured in the earlier murderous dream sequence.

As with just about anything written at least in part by Dan Didio lately, I find myself just plain not interested in this story, and that was before I even knew he was the writer. The whole thing follows a sort of dream logic, in that all the characters don't know what's happening to them, and as such, the readers don't really know either, which can make for a very confusing read. None of the characters seem sympathetic, and there's not a single one I want to see succeed enough that I'm eagerly awaiting the next issue. There's no real hook to grab me and pull me back, either. The art is passable, but when the characters are barely indistinguishable from one another, that doesn't do much either.

DC Universe Presents had a strong first arc, and has great potential for the future, but first we have to struggle through this Challengers of the Unknown arc, which is a shame.

2 Stars



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