Keven's Music Review: EVERY TIME I DIE – Ex Lives

Sleaze rock-core unit Every Time I Die is back with a vengeance and their new album 'Ex Lives' gets to the point and it gets to the point fast as hell. There's no time to breathe listening to the band's sixth studio effort, so hold on to your face because 'Ex Lives' will have its way with you and you'll like it.

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Every Time I Die are notorious for their unusual time changes and quick bursts of fury although over time they've incorporated more 'normal' song arrangements. To call the band 'normal' seems wrong however because their unusual blend of metal/punk and hardcore mixes so sweetly together that it becomes this music hybrid sent to kill genre borders. 'Ex Lives' seems angrier and more refined than the guys' previous effort 'New Junk Aesthetic', which I thought was the weakest album in their catalog.

Although I don't think 'Ex Lives' is as good as the fourth studio record 'The Big Dirty', which I consider to be the bands best, it's still very strong. Keith Buckley's vocals are blistering here right from the get-go of the brilliant 'Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space' to the well rounded closer 'Indian Giver'. The other single 'Revival Mode' is very laid back when compared to the rest of the album but it's a catchy slice of grunge inspired rock that will stick with you for a long time.

The lyrics are clever as always and the songs are bats*** crazy, but for some reason the controlled chaos of Every Time I Die never seems to stretch itself too thin. As nuts as the music can get and just when you think the guys will end up going off the rails, they pull it back and reel you into a delicious groove. If 'Ex Lives' feels too sporadic for you then it's time to loosen up and embrace your inner arm flailing moshpit child.

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1. "Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space"
2. "Holy Book of Dilemma"
3. "A Wild, Shameless Plain"
4. "Typical Miracle"
5. "I Suck (Blood)"
6. "Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow"
7. "The Low Road Has No Exits"
8. "Revival Mode" (featuring John Christ)
9. "Drag King"
10. "Touch Yourself"
11. "Indian Giver"

4 Stars