Keven's Music Review: CAVO – Thick as Thieves

There's much to be said about bands like Nickelback and much of it isn't very flattering. Acts like Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman and Hinder are constantly compared to the Canadian Nu-rock outfit. So what the hell happens when Cavo comes out and they sound like a weak Hinder?


'Thick as Thieves' is Cavo's third studio effort and their debut was only 2008, which makes three records in four years seem like an outcry of 'trying too hard'. The band's last album had memorable hits like 'Champagne', but even then it seemed like a Nu-rock guilty pleasure. 'Thick as Thieves' has some decent production and an overall well rounded sense of musical direction but it lacks so much originality it's frightening. Album opener, 'Thick as Thieves' is a glaring warning sign that should not be taken lightly. I held in there but much like Three Doors Down does to me, I was tricked into listening to the same weak song 10 times over.

I don't even want to blame Cavo for their shortcomings, because songs like 'Give it Away' show lots of explosive promise but it's almost as if a label guy in a suit is standing in the studio holding a detonator and screaming at Cavo to "reel it in for radio!". The potential is there for Cavo, but with such a lackluster album following up their major label debut, it seems to be fading.

There were moments when I thought I was about to hear something that resembled an Americanized Muse but time after time I ended up hearing Hinder. The sad thing is, Hinder can write catchy songs despite themselves. Cavo has fallen into a very safe and shallow formula on 'Thick as Thieves'.

Cavo has a song called 'Celebrity' on this record and after listening to the lyrics about how people worship shallow dickheads I couldn't help but laugh at the concept. It's time Cavo stopped trying so hard to write for radio and write some songs that are good without 'pretending to be good'. Tone it down Cavo and get that label guy the hell away from the studio because it's killing your potential.

  1. Thick as Thieves
  2. Give it Away
  3. Hold Your Ground
  4. California
  5. Circles
  6. Celebrity
  7. Never Gonna Hurt
  8. War Within
  9. Last Day
  10. Run
  11. Southern Smile
1 Star