The very idea alone that a film can be made about the creation of an internet website is boring. The concept of a movie about Facebook's birth is sort of disturbing, intriguing, but overall still boring. David Fincher directing a movie about the creation of Facebook is very, very interesting, but let's be honest - still boring. So how come The Social Network is so damn riveting?


I was hooked by everything these people were saying and even though I like to think of myself as a nerd, but still awesome at the same time, I didn't understand half of what Zuckerberg was talking about. The Social Network is a ton of dialog and a lot of it seems like it's on fast forward. I don't know how it drove the plot as well as it did, but Fincher's direction and the mindblowingly amazing soundtrack not only made this movie entertaining even when it didn't make sense, but it made it uber-interesting. Hey look, Zuckerberg just served that dude during a lawsuit trial....At least I think he did - because I'm sort of almost positive that I think he maybe threw an epic insult amidst his rapid fire robotic delivery of computer jargon.

Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland) stars as Mark Zuckerberg. He's a college student at Harvard with a knack for blogging and internet coding which results in ultimately drawing the attention of two wealthy twins from the school (both played by a monstrous Armie Hammer) who hire Zuckerberg to code their idea of a social networking website. Zuckerberg expands on the monster douchebag twins' idea and creates Facebook instead while not completing the monster twins' website and a nerd legend billionaire is born and sued multiple times in the process. Andrew Garfield (the new Spider-Man) puts on the best performance in the film and shows the most range, which makes me 100% positive he will be fantastic in the heroic role for Marvel's upcoming reboot. Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker (the creator of Napster) and steals nearly every scene he's in as well. The acting for the most part is phenomenal in The Social Network and the script is razor sharp.


There's just one issue I have. Eisenberg is so robotic that Garfield and Timberlake look like master craftsman around him. I'd assume right away that Eisenberg is mimicking his real life counterpart but his roles in Zombieland and Adventureland were the EXACT SAME PERFORMANCE as they are here. It's like someone pushes a button on the back of Eisenberg's head that says "Smart-Ass Insecure Sort of Shy Awkward A-Hole" and then they quickly throw him infront of the camera. There's a ton of Oscar talk for both Garfield and shybot and I don't understand shybot's inclusion. Garfield on the other hand was fantastic and I can't wait to see more projects from this kid. Shybot - get the hell out, you're not Michael Cera and you're not even a melty headed version of Scott Pilgrim like I first thought you might be.

The Social Network is a good movie. It has it's issues and I think it may be hyped up a little too much from people calling it THE movie of this entire generation. There are going to be a lot of young kids out there that are obsessed with Facebook and they'll be bored out of their stupid emo skulls with this film. The Social Network is a smart movie and it's an amazing accomplishment in terms of writing and driving a film entirely with smart dialog, great acting and a beautiful and brooding soundtrack courtesy of Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Now that I think about it - maybe shybot was doing a good acting job. Because after hearing the real Zuckerberg talk about The Social Network and being amused that they got every single piece of clothing of his correct in the movie I couldn't help but think "douchebag" - so kudos to shybot for fulfilling his destiny and not only looking like the person he's portraying, but for being as equally annoying. I'm really ragging on Eisenberg hard, but this is a damn entertaining movie. Watch it if you have a brain and like smart films.




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Excellent review. I agree. Fincher is one of my favorite directors. I really liked the subtlety in Garfield's accent and the sheer manic nature of Timberlake's performance. I get your point about Eisenberg, but, to me, the borderline Asperger's Syndrome made sense for the character. I think "Jersey Shore: The Movie" will be the true movie of our generation. Laughing out loud