Rhett Reese Discusses ZOMBIELAND 2, DEADPOOL and More

The writing team of Rhett Reese and Paul Werneck have been a hot property in Hollywood as of late. One half of the duo, Reese, updated the progress of some of their recent projects. The two have also been tapped to write and produce Cowboy Ninja Viking.

After turning in a Deadpool script earlier this year and taking a turn at the second G.I. Joe movie script, Reese and Werneck are currently working on the script for the anticipated sequel to Zombieland. Reese has just published his own book, titled Anxiety which is a black comedy/horror about the delusional thoughts of a low life who has recessed from society in an out of the way motel.


Zombieland 2 will reunite the main four characters and they will be joined by a new collection of survivors as they continue to travel across America. Reese is excited to show the script to the cast. The movie will be in 3D which the writers intend to capitalize on.

"In some cases, 3D is just a gimmick, but in a movie like Zombieland, there are plenty of opportunities to use it in fun and creative ways... we're making Z2 a bigger movie. Everything will happen on a grander scale!"

"They all want to do it. That said, none of them have seen the script yet," Reese admitted. "And if they love it or don't love it, that might impact their decision."


A Deadpool movie has created some passionate interest from the comic's fan base. The script was recently leaked online and has everything a Deadpool fan would want to see: dark humor, ultra-violence, the full costume with katanas and of course, breaking the fourth wall. Reese is well aware of of the difficulties in bringing a character like this to the big screen and makes sure to balance what fans want along with the demands of studios and general movie audiences.

"Ultimately, I think despite how fun he is in the now, we really did want to explore how he became that way and why he became that way, we definitely delve into that. He's a warped character, and that's why he's so fun to write. Various writers have tackled him and I think that particular club of people have always enjoyed being able to just go places with a character that you wouldn't be able to go with any other character. Because he's completely crazy. That's the joy of writing him. You don't have to place any limits on decorum, or what might pop into his head, what reference he might make to pop culture. He'll go anywhere and say anything and that's the joy of writing him. So we really enjoy that but we also did enjoy exploring a little bit of his origin."

"I think there's a good balance in the movie of seeing Wade Wilson pre-Deadpool and seeing his scarred face post-becoming Deadpool and having the mask on — which is how most comic fans envision Deadpool, is with the mask on." Reese went on, "We're very, very proud of the script, so I wouldn't say we hope it doesn't get rewritten too much, because there are probably ways it could be improved... but that said, we hope it doesn't get rewritten too much."

Deadpool has not been greenlit yet but is still looking for a director. Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Spy KIds) was loosely attached at one point but seems to have pulled away from it. FOX is looking at Swedish music video director Adam Berg but nothing is set as of now. The other linchpin is locking up possible star Ryan Reynolds to the film. Reynolds has been one of Deadpool's biggest proponents but admits his slate is very busy and may have to decide between this and another comic book adaptation R.I.P.D. but it will come down to FOX truly wanting to make this or not.

In related news from Variety, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have been brought on to adapt the Image comic book series Cowboy Ninja Viking. The duo will also produce along with writing the script.

The Cowboy Ninja Viking character in the series is the birth child of Doctor Sebastian Ghislain, a psychotherapist who recruits Multiple Personality Disorder patients to create a unit of counter-intelligence agents called the Triplets. Problems arise when the Triplets become out of control assassins -- leading to the deadliest Triplet of them all, Cowboy Ninja Viking, being called in to take down his own brethren.



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