First Look At Carnage and Others From the SPIDER-MAN:TURN OFF THE DARK Musical

The new Spider-Man musical seems to finally be on it's way after delays set back production of the expensive stage production. Here are some first looks at Carnage and other characters.

The music was written by U2’s Bono and the Edge and will feature it's own version of the Sinister Six which consists of Kraven, Carnage, Lizard, among other Spider-Man rogues. The show will also feature a brand new character created just for the musical called Swiss Miss who is pictured below followed by a picture of the on stage version of Carnage.



Director Julie Taymor says that they've changed the storyline of the Green Goblin for the stage production, "In writing with Glen Berger, the playwright, we've tried to craft something that's a little different than what you're used to. Our Doctor Osborn is more of a conglomerate of Doc Ock [and] of Osborn — he's not a businessman. He's a real scientist, who's a real southerner — he believes he's going to help combat the world as it is, environmental disasters. He believes that he has to prepare people, so he's creating through DNA transfers and this and that, the ability for humans to protect themselves when the tides rise and global warming. It's very current. It's very very now, even though we do blend periods." Here is the costume design for the Green Goblin.


Vogue magazine hints at some of the stunts that was the cause for recent delays due to concern from the safety inspectors. "When Spider-Man makes his first entrance, he swings from the back of the set to the foot of the stage, landing mere inches from the innocent bystanders in the first row," reports the magazine. "In one sequence, the fisticuffs between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin atop the Chrysler Building lead to Spidey’s jumping off the ledge—and suddenly the scenery shifts to a forced perspective that makes us feel as if we are staring down the side of a skyscraper into the street. Next thing we know, Spider-Man and the Goblin are whizzing through the air over our heads, locked in mortal combat, landing on a platform attached to the first balcony."

The director says that the story, "...for the moment we want people to know the story is still about this struggle for Peter Parker to balance being a regular guy, a regular boy with all of his foibles, his love. his humor, and what do you do when you've been given this unbelievable gift, this power? How do you use it?"

Eiko Ishioka redesigned the iconic Spider-Man costume and logo for the musical which you can see below.


Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is set to premiere January 11, 2011 if no other delays come into play.



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uhhhhmmmmm okay.


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lol! I can't believe this is actually happening. What the hell! I'd go see it.


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Mr Green


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Fluorescent Green Goblin just doesn't have the same ring to it.


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Actually, considering that this is a theater production and everything has to be exaggerated, it's not too bad. If I'm ever in New York, I'll check it out. Hopefully, they'll travel with it.