DAFT PUNK Talk TRON: LEGACY Soundtrack; In Stores Dec.7

Daft Punk recently spoke in detail about providing the soundtrack to the upcoming Tron: Legacy and what to expect from the techno duo when the album lands in stores December 7th.


Tron has a real visionary quality to it. As soon as we saw the filmmaker was not trying to copy the first [Tron movie]. But expand it after almost 30 years, we thought it was interesting. Then we questioned ourselves as to whether or not it was something we could actually do," said Thomas Bangalter, one half of Daft Punk.

The duo, which are pioneers in the electronic music scene have been turning out critically acclaimed albums for over a decade now and their soundtrack for Tron: Legacy is one of the most anticipated discs of the year, much like many are eagerly awaiting the film when it hits theaters December 17th.

“This project is by far the most challenging and complex thing we have ever been involved with. Coming from our background of making electronic music in a small bedroom, and ending up having our music performed by a 90-piece orchestra, with some of the best musicians in the world…We are lucky to have had the opportunity to experience some powerful moments artistically over the years, but recording this orchestra was a very intense experience," said Bangalter.

Some fans of Daft Punk may be surprised to find that their work on the soundtrack will not be entirely electronic, as the pair of musicians are encouraging people to explore classical music and branch out their interests.

“We knew from the start that there was no way we were going to do this film score with two synthesizers and a drum machine. There’s more latitude to experiment with an orchestra than an 808 drum machine and synth. A cello was there 400 years ago and will still be here in 400 years. But synthesizers that were invented 20 years ago will probably be gone in the next 20. Synths are a very low level of artificial intelligence."

"Whereas you have a Stradivarius that will live for a thousand years. In the past, we have worked with clashing genres like disco and heavy metal, and here we would do it with film scores…this idea of the ultimate retro-futurism," said Bangalter.

The full tracklisting for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack is as follows:

1. "Overture"
2. "The Grid"
3. "The Son of Flynn"
4. "Recognizer"
5. "Armory"
6. "Arena"
7. "Rinzler"
8. "The Game Has Changed"
9. "Outlands"
10. "Adagio for Tron"
11. "Nocturne"
12. "End of Line"
13. "Derezzed"
14. "Fall"
15. "Solar Sailer"
16. "Rectifier"
17. "Disc Wars"
18. "C.L.U."
19. "Arrival"
20. "Flynn Lives"
21. "Tron Legacy (End Titles)"
22. "Finale"



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