Jerry Bruckheimer Unveils Disney's THE LONE RANGER Movie Logo

On his official website, the Pirates of the Caribbean director and producer for The Lone Ranger released a teaser image for the Walt Disney film which will star Johnny Depp.

Back in March, Jerry Bruckheimer stated that the movie will be an origin story beginning with the title character's time as a Texas Ranger. Johnny Depp is set to star as Tonto, and director Gore Verbinski (Rango) is at it's helm. Now there's a logo to attribute to the secretive production.




Interesting John  |  Web Developer

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Nice, Looking forward to this! (not so much the Depp part, I just like the Lone Ranger Big Grin)


Phinehas's picture

With Depp as Tonto, I'm led to be believe that they are going the route of an irreverant comedy like Starsky and Hutch. If so, I think it'll flop.

Boy October

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I think that this film should be in black and white.........and I'm with Phin on what he said about it being an irreverent comedy.

Pietro Filipponi  |  Managing Editor

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Gonna throw this out there, Geoff Stults for the masked man Smile


GLFanboy  |  Correspondent

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I agree. If they don't take this property seriously and instead try and make a western Green Hornet it will...wait...wait wait wait. [crap]. It won't flop. Everytime I think disney is gonna flop something, it winds up making inexplicably huge amounts of money. I think the devil is involved. Well, I'LL be disspointed if they don't take it seriously.