Sons of Anarchy Returns September 7th

Creator and writer Kurt Sutter talks about the upcoming third season of Sons of Anarchy and what to expect from the massively popular biker gang show's highly anticipated return.

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Sons of Anarchy is one of the FX network's biggest draws and it all stems from the twisted mind of Kurt Sutter, who was a writer on The Shield for each of it's seven acclaimed seasons. When that show came to an end, Sutter decided to fire up another monster of a series and Sons of Anarchy was born. Despite massive praise from critics, the show has been ignored for two years now at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

"All I’ll say about the Emmys, since I’ve clearly had a very specific opinion on it, is that every year when the Emmys are announced, the stories that come out, half of them are about the nominations, and the other half are about the absurdity of the nominations and the snubs. To me, perhaps that suggests that the system is somewhat flawed. That’s all I’ll say," said Sutter.


Sons of Anarchy centers around an outlaw biker outfit and it's issues with rival gangs, the FBI, twisted past personal relationships between members and now season three takes the gang out of their element and overseas. The show has some big starpower in the form of Ron Perlman and Sutter's wife Katy Sagal with a very well rounded cast behind them. Sutter went on to talk about the upcoming season which debuts September 7th on FX.

Spoilers ahead: Stop reading if you haven't seen the end of season two.

I think there’s a three or four day gap (between last season's finale and season three's debut), so we’re really dealing with the consequences of the baby being taken and Gemma being on the lam. Those really will be the guiding obstacles for Season three. That motivates most of the action for the season. And, we’re going to Ireland. There will be four episodes that actually take place in Belfast," said Sutter.

The season two finale dealt with the show's lead actor Jax, portrayed by Charlie Hunham, dealing with the kidnapping of his infant son Abel and left the show on a huge cliffhanger. Sutter spoke about that situation in more detail.

"The Abel storyline really drives us through pretty much the entire season. I don’t want to give anything away, in terms of what that means and where that takes us, but the actual span of time within our seasons is very short. It’s potentially two or three weeks, so there isn’t a lot of time that passes where you can have a lot of things unfold organically," he said.

Below is the trailer for Season Three.


NickinDallas  |  Correspondent

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I am a big fan of FX since The Shield but somehow missed the second season of Sons. I need to gt caught up ASAP as I am really looking forward to this season.

Keven  |  Senior Editor

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The second season of Sons was badass my friend. Much better than the first and the first was fantastic. Sutter is a smart man - his resume is more than stellar with The Shield and now this deal.