Spoilers & Secrets For Bones Season 6

Digging deep for clues to the new season? Some of your answers can be found right here.

So many things were left open in the season five finale of Bones,, and now a lot of fans are waiting impatiently for the new season to begin.


What's in store for the "Squints?" According to Mike Ausiello, the first episode will take place about seven months after the finale and the group have had all gone their separate ways since the finale. Caroline has apparently called back Brennan, Booth and the group to help Cam solve a controversial case — and save her job in the process. Another thing to look forward to is the arrival of a new foe described by Executive Producer Hart Hanson as, "...someone worse than the Gravedigger..." he goes on to say,

"And if the Gravedigger is Evil Brennan, this next person is Evil Booth. Booth was a sniper,” Hanson points out, “so it may be a sniper.”

One thing Hanson left open for speculation was who will bite the bullet this season? When asked, he only responded with, "it’s someone we know." But Executive Producer had this to say on the topic of character fatality, "Whether or not we’re going to have an actual fatality is still under discussion, and if it happens, it would be later in the season."


One of the big questions is what will happen with Booth and Brennan? Last season Booth confessed his love for Brennan which resulted with her basically turning him down. The finale ended with Booth going to Afghanistan and Brennan going to Indonesia but before departure they promised each other to meet back in one year. Two things have been confirmed; Brennan did not have a romance of any kind for seven months and Booth will have a girlfriend in the beginning of season 6 who will be portrayed by Canadian actress, Katheryn Winnick. It is unknown how long the relationship will last but it's also been confirmed that Brennan is going to have a change of heart about Booth. Executive Producer Stephen Nathan explains the situation,

“What happened at the [end of last season] was that we saw Booth move on and not have any regrets,”recounts exec producer Stephen Nathan. “He did his best. He professed his love, and when she couldn’t reciprocate he realized at that point this is now crazy, I have to be happy. I have to try to make a life for myself. And he’s moved on. Now Brennan—who felt very secure in her decision last year—has had seven months alone to think about this. And we think that she’s come back reevaluating her situation and the choice she made with Booth. Brennan is seeing things differently. She seemed to have one take for five years, and I think the time away has made her reevaluate what she wants from life and perhaps a relationship with Booth. I don’t think this is something that she has an easy time admitting to herself. And perhaps it hasn’t even bubbled up from her subconscious yet, but it’s something that’s real this season.”

For those hoping or, even, expecting to see a cat fight between Brennan and Booth's new flame will be sorely disappointed, Nathan insists, “We are not playing a jealous triangle, I can tell you that categorically. This isn’t high school. It won’t be two women fighting over the same man. There’s no outward tension.”


For fans worried about the scenario for newly-weds Angela and Hodgins, no need to worry because Angela and Hodgins will remain an “ironclad couple,” says Hanson:

“They are in the honeymoon phase but they keep getting smacked in the head. But the honeymoon phase never goes away. They are deeply, deeply in love. We just want to do everything to a couple you would do to a couple that is going to go through life together. Sort of the opposite of Booth and Brennan for the time being.” Hanson adds that he plans to “have the kitchen sink thrown at them” this season, “but they’re together for always. We could change our mind next year, but they’re pretty strong this season.”

Michaela Conlin says otherwise. “I don’t believe that,” Angela’s portrayer tells me, before hinting that “something happened” during the seven-month flash-forward between the two that “will come up” later in the season.

Daisy and Sweet's will be having their troubles undoubtedly. The two will come together in the season's first episode, but “their relationship is different,” says Nathan. “Sweets has become a free man in his seven months without Daisy and isn’t initially willing to give that up.”

Another thing for fans who are curious about whether or not Zack, played by Eric Millegan, will make his return, or even a cameo, at any point in the season, Stephen Nathan stated “We love Eric and would like him to return, but we have no immediate plans yet... But the season is young and it remains a possibility.”

The new season of Bones premieres on Thursday, September 23 @8pm on Fox.