Pantera Unveils New Song for Cowboys from Hell Rerelease

One of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time is re-releasing and re-mastering their seminal and officially recognized debut album, Cowboys from Hell on September 14th, which includes tons of goodies, but most important of all for fans - a new track.

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Current drummer for Hellyeah! and founding member of Pantera, Vinnie Paul had this to say about the lost track, "The Will to Survive."

"'The Will To Survive' is a great track. With so many killer songs, it was hard to pick and choose the ones that should make our major label debut,"

"After hearing it for the first time in about 20 years, it's a pretty stellar performance and I am definitely proud that it will see the light of day for all the die-hard Pantera fans around the world! It shows the true musical diversity of the band at that time," said Paul.

The 20th anniversary of Cowboys from Hell is being released in three different packages. An expanded two disc - which will feature the album and a bonus live disc. The second will be the deluxe edition which has both of those and a third disc full of rare demos and the brand new track, "The Will to Survive."

The expanded and deluxe edition are both dropping in stores September 14th, but a planned Ultimate edition is going to be released November 23rd in a huge box full of memorabilia. Stay tuned to Pantera's Facebook Page for details on what all the contents will be, as well as a chance to possibly hear the new track.

Vocalist and current Down frontman Philip Anselmo loved being a part of the Cowboys from Hell re-release but still doesn't see a future in continuing the band, especially after founding member Dimebag Darrell's passing and the bad blood between himself and Dimebag's brother Vinnie.

"Vinnie himself said a long time ago that if you take any one of us out of the equation and it's just not Pantera anymore, so I guess I'm just gonna stick to that,"

"And as far as Vinnie and I go, there's a big bridge that both of us would have to cross, and that's an entire subject on its own, before we could even consider making music together," said Anselmo.

Here's a news clip of drummer Vinnie Paul talking about the release, set for next Tuesday, September 14th.



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Sweet! I love this cd. Id listen to it before every one of my hockey/football games.

R.I.P. Dimebag!!!

NickinDallas  |  Correspondent

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Excellent find Keven BLAM! Shocked as hell to see Phil's name on here.


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Loved Pantera back in the day. Glad I was able to see them a couple times. Really wish Phil and Vin would iron things out.


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I'm loving these metal news posts, metal+comics+movies = heaven for me