Keven's Movie Review: SKYLINE

There are only so many times I can watch somebody’s eyes go all zombified as a blue light sucks them into a tentacled alien’s face and not get bored.


The concept behind Skyline is neat. The effects are all quite spectacular and the action is great. The only issue I had is that I became bored with the stale delivery amidst the few and far between cool moments when I should have been mindblown to smithereens.

The Brothers Strause (Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem) clearly have a knack for creating visually appealing sci-fi movies. I also take it back by making you believe I was 100% bored with Skyline - there were some terrific moments sprinkled throughout. The scenes dealing with the giant alien and the jet colliding into its face were pure ridiculous awesome.

The scene with the guy punching a tinier alien to death with his bare hands was also goofy stupid amazing as well. The backdrop and canvas for this invasion epic just doesn’t ever kick into a high enough drive that warrants anything more than a smile and occasional “oh snap, that alien ate his brain” only to be followed up seconds later by more blue glowy light, boring crap.

Eric Balfour stars as an aspiring graffiti artist, but Skyline didn’t really elaborate on what the hell he was doing at his rich black friend’s penthouse. I’m assuming they were best friends and anyway, long story short after an awful flash forward intro, we have the only bit of character development as we see Balfour and his knocked up girlfriend party it up on a vacation only for the world to end via alien smackdown the next morning.

There is a ton of blue strobe light stuff going on in Skyline. It may cause headaches and your eyes to fall out of your skull from staring at this effect for an hour and a half. When the aliens first attack earth, they use this blue glow to control the minds of humans who happen to gaze upon its yummy glowiness only to be sucked up into their ship or later abducted, decapitated and have their brains sucked out of their severed heads.


How they managed to use this abduction concept and turn it into a PG:13 film is beyond me, but they nailed it. I will applaud the directors’ vision for decapitating screaming humans and collecting their goopy brains. It looked violent as hell and I haven’t seen anything like it before onscreen so I enjoyed the traumatizing procedure.

Skyline is a very grim and dark, depressing film. By the time the film wraps up and we get to see this ridiculous promise of things to come in a sequel, I just didn’t care. Maybe if the whole scenario that happens during the credits, occurred earlier in the actual film itself, I might have invested myself more into the movie. It would have been far more exciting if Balfour assumed that kind of role more than just one minute before the film ends. The way Skyline ends is cheese filled stupefying. I can’t give it away, but watch the credits and let the freeze frame images set to dramatic rock music sink in. You will get dumber every frame.

The film promises more than what it delivers, but in the process of trying to give all of us alien action nutballs more than what it truly can, it does satisfy on some levels. To be honest – I just got tired of that annoying blue glow schtick. You have these amazing CGI aliens that were thrown in on a film with only a $20,000,000 budget and you’re covering them up with this rave light. I know they looked good – because we did see them later and they looked original and terrific. More head severed brain eating, less disco and we would have been ready to make ourselves a movie.