First Behind-the-Scenes Footage & New Images from the Dragon Tattoo Film Set

Several videos have surfaced online showing construction taking place in Sweden for the American-British remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, as well as images of the film's lead actress, Rooney Mara.


David Fincher's new film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, chronicles the dark and gritty escapades of two characters, Lisbeth Salander (an intelligent, eccentric woman in her twenties with a photographic memory whose social skills are rather poor) and Mikael Blomkvist (an investigative journalist for Millennium magazine and a celebrity in his own right). Yellow Bird Productions, the studio behind the Swedish film adaptations of the Millennium Trilogy novels, has partnered with Sony Pictures to remake the series for worldwide release. has uncovered the first videos taken by fans of set construction currently taking place for Dragon Tattoo; which will be filmed on location in Sweden. Along with the videos and relative scene descriptions, the site also has several images of the film's main actress, Rooney Mara, prepping for her role.

The first location shot shows the bridge which has been selected to reenact a 1960's tanker truck accident:

The tank truck accident at Old Bridge in Segersta will be film over the four days in late September and may be continue well into filming in November. One hundred to two hundred people are expected to film, along with journalists and Segersta paparazzi.

The second video gives a close look at the Hedeby church which will be shown and referenced throughout the film:

Here is actress Rooney Mara decked out in what appears to be her Lisbeth Salander attire; including dyed-black hair and piercings:




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I need to read this series.


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What is this series about, I have heard a lot about it but dont know?

Guess they had to make an American version cause we are too dumb to read subtitles


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Wait has Daniel Craig already finished Cowboys & Aliens, cause hes in this movie?