BIG BANG THEORY Guest Stars Returns To Deliver The Laughs With Season Four

Some new information on what's in store for The Big Bang group in this season from the show's executive producer and cast.

In the season finale, many fans were left, well, many words could be used here such as surprised, excited, confused, etc. about the possible romance for Sheldon. Now the main thought is whether or not it will last. Exec producer Bill Prady tells Entertainment Weekly that Mayim Bialik is booked to return for a handful of episodes and there’s “no end in mind.” He adds that after embarking on their first date in the season premiere, Sheldon and Amy “are going to settle into a very peculiar relationship that doesn’t involve a lot of physical proximity—lots of video chatting and texting. But the big crisis coming up for Sheldon is the possibility that Amy is expressing feelings for him. That’s going to be a big problem for him.” In the premiere it will show Sheldon on a date with Amy with poor Penny as a chaperon. Kaley Couco tells Mike Ausiello it is a very funny episode.


For those curious if Leonard & Penny will reconnect this season as a couple, Kaley Couco tells Mike Ausiello that "Penny and Leonard aren’t together anymore," but she does spoil some bit of news to take some of the disappointment away, "we’ve only done three episodes but what I can tell you is there are a lot of robots involved. Expensive robots. REAL robots, It’s pretty awesome.”

Executive Producer Chuck Lorre also commented on the couple's breakup, “They’re very different people, so it was built into the characters that it would be difficult. It seemed natural that the relationship would come together and then fall apart. Maybe they’ll come together again. We don’t know.”

Also note that Wolowitz’s girlfriend, Bernadette (played by the cute and funny Melissa Rauch), will be back, but it is not clear as to what her relationship with Howard will be.


Another return will be of Sheldon's rival, Wil Wheaton. Executive Producer Bill Prady says that he would love to bring back the feud, hopefully, in time for November sweeps. Prady give Entertainment Weekly the general direction the episode featuring Wil Wheaton's return would go, “We started talking about the idea of minor celebrities cutting in line,” Prady says, “and we thought it might be funny to have our [Big Bang] guys waiting in line for a one-time-only midnight screening of something like Raiders of the Lost Ark with restored footage, and Wil Wheaton and his three friends cut the line. When it comes time for our guys to get in, the line stops; Wil took the last four seats and Sheldon is just furious. Because it doesn’t make sense to him. Wil’s celebrity is not applicable here. This is not Star Trek. It’s just wrong.”

Entertainment also reported that Prady says the plot—which is still in the planning stages—was inspired by friend Adam Savage from Mythbusters. “He was apparently in Las Vegas for a Star Trek auction, and there was a preview and he got to cut the line.”

Big Bang Theory‘s fourth season kicks off on Thursday September 23.