Stephen Lang Looking to Join TERRA NOVA

Terra Nova, Fox’s futuristic sci-fi series slated for fall 2011, already has a few changes in store for audiences. According to, Avatar co-star Stephen Lang is looking to join the cast opposite Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars).


Previous commitments kept Lang from pursuing the role in the past, however, an opening in his schedule allowed producers to offer him the role of Frank Taylor, “the charismatic and ruthless leader of the Terra Nova settlement.” Multiple sources have confirmed Deadline's statement.


This news comes on the heels of the announced departure of Terra Nova executive producer David Fury over “creative differences.” Sources close to the show confirmed, “He was beloved by the producers on the show, but it just didn’t work out.” No replacement for Fury is planned, as show runner Brannon Braga (Star Trek franchise) will take over duties of sole writing-executive producer.

Alex Graves (Fringe) is still set to direct the pilot, scheduled to begin filming next month in Australia. Fox has already ordered 13 episodes of the show that “centers on the Shannon family as they join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to TERRA NOVA, the first colony of humans in the second chance for civilization.” Other executive producers of the 2149 set series include Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin, with a preview set to air in May of next year.



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Very interesting, though a bit used in the idea department. I like Lang going back to The Hardway and Tombstone! He's one of those actors that have an aircraft carrier size of talent but have only done bit parts here and there.
Another is Treat Williams...