The Big Four Coming to Thrash your Home in October

Metal music history was made earlier this year in June when Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax shared the same stage at the Sonisphere festival in Sophia, Bulgaria.


The event, which was dubbed The Big Four (as all these metal acts are known collectively as, to the community), was broadcast in movie theaters around the globe and on October 19th you can own the epic concert in deluxe, box set form. The Big Four concert was seen as one of those spectacles that was always dreamed about for years since all bands are known as the pinnacle of thrash metal in the 1980's. But it was always just that - a pipedream. There was a lot of bad blood between bands, much of it stemming from Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine's strained relationships with Slayer and Metallica, the latter in which he was fired from the group before they took off. Mustaine talked about the Big Four festivities and how everyone has learned to move on from past indiscretions.

"Before the first show they threw a dinner for the bands, and I went up to James (Hetfield of Metallica) and said, "I don't want to repair our relationship. I'd like to have a new one." And that's pretty much what I said to Kerry (King of Slayer) when I saw him in Japan. I mean, we're all older now. Back then, I said stuff that was regrettable and I've grown up a lot," said Mustaine.

As for the legendary show only being limited to Europe, Mustaine went on to give the rest of the world a glimmer of hope, saying the show may not be a one and done deal.

"All of our camps have talked, and Lars (Ulrich of Metallica) flat-out said to me that he wants this to keep going. He talked about it going on next year. And our agents say there is talk about this happening in 2012. So everyone's talking about it now. It's just a matter of making it happen," said Mustaine.

The box set, which you can pre-order right now at, will come with a free limited edition Big Four guitar pick, coming in four different colors. The set will comprise of the DVD set and five CD's giving you the full dose of each band's set-list.

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Here's a taste of The Big Four DVD, hitting store shelves everywhere in North America, October 19th:



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(shaking and drooling) oooooooooo yeeaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NickinDallas  |  Correspondent

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I need this tour to come to Dallas as soon as possible. If I were single and about 10yrs younger I SOO would have ponied up and flown over to catch one of these shows. Was not interested in sitting in a theater for an abbreviated showing.


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Well that was a hell of a thing!