HALO: REACH Obliterates Xbox Live and Sales Records

Game Developer Bungie tweeted that their final game in the Halo franchise smashed the Xbox Live record for concurrent unique users (over 2 million different people played the game simultaneously online). This is a good sign that Halo: Reach is also set to smash sales records as well.

The game is on track to outsell prior franchise record holder Halo 3. That game sold over 10 million copies, generating $600,000 with $300K in it's first week alone. The numbers aren't in yet as the game has only been released for 24 hours, but look for Halo:Reach to be flying off shelves like canned goods during a zombie apocalypse.


Halo: Reach is the latest entry and prequel to the franchise. You can pick it up in stores now for Windows 7 and Xbox 360.



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"...look for Halo:Reach to be flying off shelves like canned good during a zombie apocalypse."

That sir, is some fine writing! Laughing out loud


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I guess that means one thing at least...there's a lot of 13 year olds to piss you off.