GUILD WARS 2 Trailer "Domain of the Charr" Shows Off New Race

Returning from the first Guild Wars game are the Charr, a warmongering race of felines who want nothing other than total domination. As one of the five playable races in Guild Wars 2, the Charr have a much more intricate and developed presence in the game as opposed to the original. Check out the newest trailer for Guild Wars 2 and get an eyeful of the Charr stronghold, the Black Citadel.


The feline charr of Tyria are a victorious race challenged by their own success. They have survived defeat, oppression, and civil war. They have returned, reconquered, and rebuilt their original homes. Their mighty fortress, the Black Citadel, dominates the surrounding ruins of the human city of Rin, and their non-magical technology is the mightiest in the land. Yet despite their success, they are challenged by divisions among their people, the power of the Elder Dragons, and the ghosts of their own victories.

Guild Wars 2 is being developed by ArenaNet and NCSoft for PC.