THE BOURNE LEGACY May Sign Edward Norton as It's Villain

Tony Gilroy's upcoming Bourne film currently stars Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz. Universal Pictures has scheduled the film for theatrical release in August 2012.


Tony Gilroy -- who also wrote the screenplays for the first three Bourne films --will direct The Bourne Legacy. The fourth film will not utilize any story elements from Eric Lustbader’s novel of the same name; rather it will continue the same time line from the first three films and serve to expand the franchise mythology by focusing on a character other than Jason Bourne.

Though details of the story are sparse, Jeremy Renner's role is said to be an operative from a covert government program that is even more dangerous than the Treadstone brainwashing program that hatched Jason Bourne (portrayed by Matt Damon in the three previous films).


Edward Norton (The Incredible Hulk, Fight Club) is reported to be in talks to portray the film's yet-to-be revealed villain. Universal would not comment on the claim of the acclaimed actor's involvement with the project. Norton has previously shown his villainous potential in such films as The Italian Job, American History X and Stone.

Universal Pictures is targeting an August 3rd, 2012 theatrical release for The Bourne Legacy.



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Well my interest in this film just went up a bit more. I'm an Ed Norton fan... Wink