New Images & Interview with TRON: LEGACY Star Beau Garrett

The sexy starlet plays Gem, one of the digital programs in the world of TRON who indoctrinates Sam Flynn to the Grid, in the sci-fi sequel hitting theaters this month.

Designer Neville Page Describes Creating Green Lantern Movie Aliens, TRON Costumes & More

Neville Page is one of the most in-demand artists/designers in Hollywood right now. He has been involved with Cloverfield, Avatar, The Hulk, Star Trek and The Watchmen. Most recently his designs have been part of Green Lantern and TRON: Legacy.

Jeff Bridges Discusses Both His Roles in This New TRON: LEGACY Featurette

In this action-packed sci-fi sequel, Bridges once again lends his talent to two roles; Kevin Flynn, who has been stranded in the TRON world for two decades, and his digital counterpart Clu.

Get a Closer Look at the Vehicles of TRON: LEGACY

A new featurette has been released showcasing the vehicles of Tron. Director John Kosinski, Vehicle Designer Danile Simon and Production Designer Darren Gilford talk about engineering these vehicles.

Behind The Scenes Footage and New Movie Clips for TRON: LEGACY

Disney has unleashed a 15 minute video compiled of behind the scenes footage for the upcoming Tron: Legacy; Plus four more video clips inside.

New TRON: LEGACY Trailer with Jeff Bridges

A new trailer has been released showcasing Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) as he prepares his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) for what lies ahead on the grid.

TRON: LEGACY UK Theatrical Banner Revealed

Over the past three days the TRON: LEGACY UK Facebook page has released sections of the film's latest theatrical poster montage. Now, you can see it fully realized.

TRON: UPRISING Animated Series to Debut in 2012

Disney XD has picked up an animated series titled Tron: Uprising and the show is set to debut in the summer of 2012, featuring an all-star voice cast.

TRON: LEGACY "Mystery" TV Spot & Final Theatrical Poster Released

The first TV trailer for the TRON sequel, which gives viewers a shortened explanation of film's plot, has hit the airwaves; plus, a new poster featuring Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde.


Marvel Comics has released preview images of Tron: Original Movie Adaptation #1, on sale November 3, 2010.