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TWIZTID - Abominationz Tour [Concert Review - ★★★½]

Horrorcore rap icons Twiztid have invaded Canada for the first time and they have hit it hard, bringing one of the most energetic and entertaining live shows I've ever seen. Jamie Madrox and Monoxide played Studio 54 in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada September 21st with opening acts Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Aqualeo and a handful of other rising hip hop talents.

U.S. Premiere of Acclaimed French Zombie Series THE RETURNED Hits Sundance Channel This Halloween

The eight-part French zombie series distributed by Zodiak Rights was created by Fabrice Gobert and is based on the feature film "Les Revenants" by Robin Campillo.


Revisiting what is without a doubt one of the best seasons of television I've seen in the past few years was both terrific and super depressing when I realized how many endearing and important characters were killed off.

101 WAYS TO KILL A ZOMBIE Illustrated Guide Hits Stores This October

An illustrated guide to the best ways to rid society of the undead, this book takes a pop-culture bite out of the trend that just won't die.

TRUE BLOOD Season 6: Picking Up the Pieces & Trying to Recapture the Tone of Earlier Episodes [REVIEW - ★★½☆]

The first few episodes of this season's True Blood were some of the worst in series history. Entertaining? Always. But they were a goddamn mess of epic proportions. Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

Dissecting DEXTER: What Happened to America's Favorite Serial Killer?

We've crossed the halfway mark of Showtime's final season of Dexter and I'm still wondering when we'll see any indication that would lead us to believe that the writers care about closure. New subplots are emerging that would have been great two or three or maybe even four seasons ago, but do we care about devoting any time to Masuka's long lost daughter with only five episodes left in the series?

Top 10 Dystopian Science Fiction Films of the 21st Century

To celebrate the pending release of two of my most anticipated films of 2013 -- Elysium and Riddick -- I've compiled my top 10 favorite movies in this intriguing sub-genre of cinema.

How BREAKING BAD Dethroned THE SOPRANOS as TV's Greatest Drama Series

AMC is set to debut the final eight episodes of its best drama series, Breaking Bad on August 11th. Since the series premiered years ago it's been recognized as one of, if not the best, show on the small screen with its two leading men garnering multiple Emmy nods and wins.

Top 10 Most Violent Moments in Comic Book History

Whether it can be perceived as straight up shock value or brave storytelling (or in many cases both) these are the most memorable acts of violence that I've read in comics. This list contains my favorite comic book fight of all time as well as the most heart-breaking and gut-wrenching acts of I've ever seen put to print.

KISS & SHINEDOWN Live at the ENMAX Centre in Lethbridge [REVIEW - ★★★]

Going into July 10, 2013's live KISS show I will admit I've never been a huge fan of the rock icons. Their songs always felt a little bland and maybe a little too commercial even if the film Detroit Rock City suggested otherwise. I do enjoy a few of their hits but have never understood the extreme fandom.